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Once upon a time...

There was a girl with a vision of creating a brand that catered for every occasion targeting a diverse range of females through several collections all displaying a unique style that enhanced the wearers silhouette as well as making them feel good about themselves. From a very young age she displayed a keen interest in art and design, from drawing to constructing miniature playparks out of household objects. She always knew in her heart that she would find herself in the creative industry. After graduating from University with a degree in special effects make-up for Film and TV, she travelled the world chasing the sun running away from cloudy London. This is when she developed her love for swimwear and found inspiration from her travels, love of art, different cultures and living the life of a free spirit; exploring the world with no plan just an open mind and positive soul.

After realizing her ultimate passion was for swimwear she returned to London for a short time where she began to design her brand Oncekissed Swimwear. With a unique eye for design, she delved into her creative mind in visions of launching a swimwear label that was designed for woman who appreciate beauty, quality, and attention to detail. Following her dreams and love of design she created Oncekissed Swimwear that combined sophistication with an element of fun as well as a brand that appreciates female’s curves, changing the perception of the worlds body image. Oncekissed portrays a positive reflection on being proud of maintaining a beautiful physique.

Where is it Manufactured?

After exploring the world in search of a manufacturer worthy of meeting the high end quality requirements as well as to create the detailed hardware that can withstand the planets elements of seawater and chlorinated water. It was essential that Oncekissed brought quality combined with stylish designs that gave the customers freedom to shine. After much sampling worldwide; Oncekissed was born on the beach of Brazil where the manufacturers delivered and demonstrated every aspect that this brand was searching for.

Why Choose Once Kissed?

This brand aims to uphold merchandise quality throughout every collection launched. To keep the diversity within the brand, Oncekissed will launch a different collection once one is sold out, past collections will be relaunched but new designs will be added and some maybe taken away, meaning some bikinis will only be on sale once so don’t miss your chance of getting one of our unique styles. Oncekissed makes swimwear that portrays seductive art through diverse styles, construction and colour forever changing the industries fashion. In this modern day Oncekissed believes swimwear represents more than just a garment that is worn during water-based activities; it is a big fashion statement, with the increase in body care and overall vanity the market has hit its highs as women are now wearing swimsuits to parties, festivals, and as everyday casual wear. Women desire to look stylish at the pools or beach exposing their bodies they have worked hard for. The growth of beauty and spa industries alongside the rising of health consciousness has resulted in a demand for luxury swimwear. Oncekissed feels this is the perfect time to launch an exciting brand that reflects the modern day sophistication of swimwear.