Custom Zodiac Belt

RRP $400


Hand Made to order

Your personalised Zodiac belt; For the wild and free!

Constructed from real leather, gold eyelets, personalised zodiac badges made from beads; the belt is lined with lycra and finished with gold embroidery trimmings. 

Black Brazilian bottoms included.

Twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements- fire, earth, air and water. Each of these elementary groups has distinct traits; together they form the natural world, all dependent on one another.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire signs tend to be passionate, dynamic and temperamental just like fire itself. These signs often embody leadership, initiative and courage; although fire can keep you warm, it can do great destruction if not nurtured carefully. Known as the primal force of spirit.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra. Aquarius

Air signs are all about action, ideas and motion- they are the “winds of change.” Air signs bring everyone a breath of fresh air when things start to get stale. Air signifies the mind and communication; known as the connectors of the zodiac typically intellectual, objective, curious, socially oriented and communicative. Air signs can be unpredictable like the breeze but will always be an adventure.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs keep it real, they are grounded people on the planet; the ones who bring us down to earth and remind us to start with a solid foundation. Earth people are the builders and the foundation of the zodiac elements. Practicality, endurance, ambition and sensuality are typical Earth-sign qualities. On good days they are practical at worst they can be materialistic.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Intuitive, compassionate, creative, emotional and sensitive, water signs can be as mysterious as the ocean itself; representing the realm of emotions, it is perhaps the least understood element. Water individuals are the feelers of the zodiac, water signs are in touch with their own deep emotions as well as everyone else’s. They can be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths.









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